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Why Fibre Channel Rock!

Why Fibre Channel Rock!

Why Fibre Channel Rock! 150 150 99 and 1 Solutions

It is true, Fibre Channel is “THE BEST” technology if you want a super-fast storage infrastructure. It been around for decades. Designed to use and supported mission-critical applications, Fibre Channel is a proven technology. Unfortunately, people think it is confusing and settle for iSCSI. Do not be fooled, this tech is:

  • dependable
  • scalable
  • performant

Ready to oversee the ever-growing demand for fast storage to run VMs and applications… even video or CAD.

With 16-32 Gbit/s Host Bus Adapters, Fibre Channel solutions is, in our opinion, the only connectivity that can take full advantage of:

  • All Flash Arrays (AFAs)
  • NVMe Drive (Non-Volatile Memory Express) over Fiber Channel available

So, take some time and do your research or reach out to us for help and learn how this next gen -we know it has been around for a while it just keeps getting faster because the core tech is solid. Close that data protection window and change the way you perform backups and run your VM infrastructure.

We know our stuff

With our methodology, we a have helped customers get started on the right path.

Awesome Support

We do not have all the answers, we do however have access to the people that do.

Always Keeping Up

We keep up with the trends so you don’t have to. Making sure you buy what you need and spend with the future always in mind.

Optimal Choice

We give you the power to make the right decision. We always present multiple scenarios and choices.

Budget Setbacks

Thinking of change but cannot find the budget. There are hundreds of financials program available for infrastructure upgrades. Unlike widespread belief, there is plenty of cash to go around and we can help get it for you.

Hardware as a Service

Looking for a temporary operational solutions, why not just rent. Pay as you go services saves time and are less expensive than you might think.

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